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The 5 Most Beautiful Beaches You HAVE to Visit in Victoria, Australia

When you think of Australian beaches, your mind probably goes straight to the tropical white sands of Far North Queensland or the sparkling blue waters of Exmouth in Western Australia… but did you realise that some of Australia’s best beaches are actually found in the state of Victoria, just a short drive from Melbourne? Keep reading for the 5 most beautiful beaches you have to visit in Victoria.

1. Portsea Front Beach (Weerona Bay)
Portsea, Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is renowned for stunning beaches and Portsea Front Beach (or Weroona Bay in the Aboriginal language) is undoubtedly the best of them all.

Found at the very tip of the peninsula on the western coastline, Portsea Beach faces Port Phillip Bay meaning that the water is crystal clear and completely free from swell.

The beach is sheltered by luscious headland making it a brilliant spot for safe swimming and snorkelling thanks to the calm waters.

Charming little bathing boxes are dotted along the white sandy shore and sail boats bob on the horizon.

From Portsea Pier you have to follow a winding stone path around the corner to reach the beach, which means that the sandy cove is secluded and many visitors to Portsea don’t even realise that it’s there.

The best thing about Portsea Front beach is that it’s only a 90 minute drive from Melbourne city centre, yet when you arrive you feel a million miles from the concrete jungle across the bay.

2. Fairy Cove
Wilsons Promontory National Park, Gippsland

beautiful beaches victoria
Fairy Cove, Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria

I promised you the most beautiful beaches in Victoria but I didn’t promise they were easy to get to.

Fairy Cove is a very secluded beach in Wilsons Promontory National Park, the southern-most point of Australia’s mainland.

The untouched beach is surrounded by granite boulders, with bright white sand and turquoise water.

It will take you about an hour to walk to Fairy Cove from Darby River Car Park, but the haven you’ll find upon arrival makes every step worth it.

The beach is moderately safe for swimming most of the time, but stay out of the water when the weather is stormy and waves exceed 1 metre.

3. Cape Paterson Bay Beach
Cape Paterson, Bass Coast

Cape Paterson Bay Beach via Visit Cape Paterson, Victoria
Cape Paterson Bay Beach via Visit Cape Paterson, Victoria

Most people associate the Bass Coast with unforgiving wind & high swell from the Bass Strait, the sea that separates the mainland from Tasmania, but it’s actually home to one of Victoria’s most beautiful beaches.

Unlike the rest of the windy coastline, Cape Paterson Bay Beach is a sheltered beach protected by rock platforms, reefs and headland. This means you can expect aquamarine clear water, safe swimming conditions and low waves.

The best thing about Cape Paterson Bay beach is definitely the huge rockpool that you can bathe in if you don’t like swimming in the open ocean. The water is heavenly and perfect for young kids.

The bathing rock pool via Visit Cape Paterson, Victoria
The bathing rock pool via Visit Cape Paterson, Victoria

Whilst you’re in the area, definitely do the coastal drive between Cape Paterson and the seaside town of Inverloch. The 13km drive hugs the coastline and provides epic views of the Bass Strait and surrounding headlands.

coastal drive victoria
The Cape Paterson to Inverloch Coastal Drive, Bass Coast, Victoria

4. Half Moon Bay Beach
Black Rock, Port Phillip

beautiful beaches victoria

You wouldn’t think that a metropolitan beach in Melbourne’s outer-suburbs would be anything to shout about, but Half Moon Bay Beach is just 20km from the city centre and absolute paradise.

As the name would suggest, Half Moon Bay is a crescent-shaped cove with a protected beach. It’s patrolled by Black Rock lifesaving club meaning it’s safe for swimming and paddle boarding.

Locals and backpackers alike love jumping off Black Rock Pier at the southern end of the beach into the perfect clear water below.

Just off the Pier you’ll find the remains of HMVS Cerberus, an Australian naval ship that has been grounded since the 1920s. The shipwreck has become an artificial reef teeming with sea life so you’ll often see plenty of fish and rays in the bay.

HMVS Cerberus at Half Moon Bay via Destination Anywhere Anytime
HMVS Cerberus at Half Moon Bay via Destination Anywhere Anytime

The wreck is popular with snorkelers thanks to the abundance of marine life, but do exercise caution as the structure is over 100 years old!

5. Lorne Beach
Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is probably the most famous section of the Victorian coastline so naturally all of the beaches are beautiful. However, my favourite beach on the Great Ocean Road is definitely Lorne because of the gentle waves and shallow blue water.

Forming part of Louttit Bay, the position of Lorne Beach means it receives wide, low waves which are great for beginners surfing, swimming and body boarding.

Lorne Beach via Love Lorne
Lorne Beach via Love Lorne

Lorne Beach is surrounded by excellent caf├ęs, restaurants and luxury holiday accommodation. The town has a real Mediterranean feel and it’s one of the most popular spots on the coast.

At the southern end of the beach, Lorne Pier is a great spot for jumping into the refreshing water which is free from rip tides and strong currents.

Lorne Pier via Love Lorne
Lorne Pier via Love Lorne

Whilst you’re in the area don’t miss the short walk up to Teddy’s Lookout, a scenic viewpoint with views of The Great Ocean Road heading west and the expansive ocean beyond.

beautiful views victoria

I hope you enjoyed my guide to the most beautiful beaches in Victoria. Click here for the best wineries in Victoria that you can travel to by Uber.