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Manchester Vegan Pizza Guide 2021

Keep scrolling for the Manchester Vegan Pizza Guide 2021. Don’t miss the full Manchester Vegan Guide 2021 here.

Central Retail District, City Centre

Best vegan pizza option: Everything! Purezza is a 100% vegan pizza joint so you can go absolutely wild. I love the meat feast with vegan pepper jack cheese and the cheezy garlic knots.

Four Side Vegan Pizza @ Electrik Bar

Best vegan pizza option: The Detroit-style Nduja pizza pie with house-made vegan chorizo, potato, roast tomato, white base, mozzarella and chives.

BUT, pizzas are available by the slice so I recommend ordering a couple of different ones at Four Side so that you can try everything. The white pizza with mushroom, truffle oil and garlic is also great, as is the BBQ seitan pizza with chipotle alioli.

I Knead Pizza

Best vegan pizza option: The Vegan Pesto with homemade basil pesto, sun blushed tomatoes, caramelised onions and vegan cheese.

I Knead Pizza does the best vegan Neapolitan pizza in Manchester. You can also get it delivered to Central/South Manchester too if you don’t fancy the trip to Reddish.

Northern Quarter, City Centre

Best vegan pizza option: The Vegan Jabba. Think a Detroit-style square pizza with meat-free Calabrian sausage, house recipe vegan ricotta, dairy-free mozzarella and chilli maple drizzle.

Ramona also does amazing margs – the perfect pizza chaser if I ever saw one.


Best vegan pizza option: The stuffed crust Margherita. I know, it’s a boring choice but Zad’s unique vegan cheese blend is so similar to real melty cheese that you really don’t need any other toppings on there.

If you don’t share my appreciation for the humble margherita, there are 11 other vegan pizza options available so you really will be spoilt for choice (Zad’s is a 100% vegan takeaway).

Crazy Pedro’s
Bridge St, City Centre

Best vegan pizza option: Giuseppe’s Not Sloppy, He’s Vegan. Hot Spiced (Not) Beef Chilli, Green Pepper, Onion, Jalapeño, Vegan Cheese, Tomato.

Crazy Pedro’s is a lot of fun for late night cocktails & pizza every night of the week offering Manchester’s largest Mezcal & Tequila selection.

Northern Quarter, City Centre

Best vegan pizza option: Vegan portobello wood-fired pizza on a sourdough base with vegan mozzarella.

PLY specialises in authentic Neapolitan pizzas and they have a separate vegan menu featuring plant-based chorizo and squash pizza and vegan pesto pizza with roast veggies.


Best vegan pizza option: NO BULL Feast. Vegan pepperoni, vegan crumbled sausage, mushroom, red onion and dairy-free cheese.

Pizzology is available for delivery and takeout only.

Nell’s Pizza @ Common
Northern Quarter, City Centre

Best vegan pizza option: Nell’s 22 inch NYC inspired pie with Beyond Meat vegan sausage, yellow tomato sauce, nooch, spices and chives.

There are about 5 vegan pizzas available as a whopping big pie or by-the-slice.

Pizza Express
Multiple Locations

Best vegan pizza option: The Vegan Padana with caramelised onion, spinach, red onion, tomato, garlic oil and vegan mozzarella.

Pizza Express have a whole vegan menu which is definitely worth checking out.

Pizza Hut
Multiple Locations

Best vegan pizza option: Vegan Pepperoni with Violife vegan cheese.

I love championing small businesses so it pains me to put an international pizza chain so high on the list, but Pizza Hut’s vegan pepperoni is on another level.

University District, City Centre

Best vegan pizza option: The Mexican BBQ pizza with BBQ pulled jackfruit, chillies, onions and vegan mozzarella (make sure you ask for vegan cheese instead of normal).

Sandbar is a fully veggie beer café where the majority of speciality beers are vegan too!

Multiple Locations

Best vegan pizza option: The Chick-Ain’t Pizza with vegan chicken, mixed peppers, red onions, and Domino’s own vegan cheese.

It’s also abhorrent to eat Domino’s vegan pizza without the vegan garlic and herb dip. Trust me.

Eduardo’s Gone Vegan

Best vegan pizza option: The Hot & Tasty. Vegan pepperoni, red onion, fresh tomatoes, vegan cheese and maple drizzle.

Eduardo’s is fully vegan and specialises in pizza and burgers.

Don Giovanni
Oxford St, City Centre

Best vegan pizza option: Pizza Vegana with artichoke, spinach, black olives, pine nuts, cherry tomato and vegan mozzarella.

Whilst this is the only pizza on the menu, Don Giovanni has a whole vegan menu of Italian delicacies available (you’ll also find vegan pizzas at their partner restaurant Cibo).

MCR Pizza Revolution
Old Trafford, Stretford

Best vegan pizza option: The Veggie Picante with tomato, spinach, artichoke, roquito peppers and vegan cheese.

You can also BYOB at Mcr Pizza Revolution!