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Brisbane Vegan Burger Guide 2021

It’s quite hard to believe how fast Brisbane’s vegan scene has grown in recent years, and the vegan burgers on offer right now are incredible. Obviously, there are loads of 100% vegan restaurants in Brisbane with extensive vegan burger menus. But surprisingly, non-vegan restaurants have also started creating insane plant-based burgers to attract vegan diners. Keep reading for the Brisbane Vegan Burger Guide 2021.

The B.F.C Burger @ Grassfed
South Brisbane

Without a doubt, Grassfed does the best vegan burgers in Brisbane. Naturally, the restaurant is 100% vegan and they have a huge variety of burgers available. My favorite is the ‘B.F.C’ with vegan beef, bacon, fries, double cheese, caramelized onion, lettuce, pickles and Grassfed special sauce. Also, they do excellent vegan fried chicken and BBQ pulled pork burgers. If you have room after your burger, the warm cookie dough sundae with soft serve and caramel sauce is amazing.

The Chipotle Chicken Burger @ Moo Free Burgers
North Lakes

As the name would suggest, Moo Free Burgers is also 100% vegan and claims that ‘The only thing we’re killing is your appetite’. Diners love the chipotle chicken burger with chick’n patty, vegan bacon, slaw, house special BBQ sauce and spicy chipotle mayo. Furthermore, Moo Free’s fries with zaatar seasoning are not to be missed.

The Parma @ Lord of the Fries
Fortitude Valley

Country-wide vegan fast food chain Lord of the Fries has become a right of passage for vegan tourists when they arrive down under. The parma burger is the vegan version of the Aussie pub classic and it’s my favorite thing on the menu. Think vegan chicken schnitzel smothered in Napoli sauce, cheese and bacon, topped with diced onion.

The Classic Cheeseburger @ Yavanna

Another 100% vegan restaurant, Yavanna does four epic burgers along with loads of other plant-based delicacies. Personally, I love the classic cheeseburger with juicy vegan beef, melty cheese and American mustard. Don’t forget to pair this with one of their house milkshakes for the ultimate burger experience.

The Big Zing @ The Green Edge

Well worthy of a place in the Brisbane Vegan Burger Guide, The Green Edge does 13 different vegan burgers! However, The Big Zing caught my attention because it features two chick’n patties, cheese, spicy relish, more cheese and zinger dressing on a toasted sesame bun. Of course, The Green Edge is 100% vegan.

The Parmigiana Burger @ Nonna’s Nightmare
West End

Nonna’s Nightmare is a vegan Italian restaurant. Therefore, the parmigiana burger is a real treat and definitely the best thing on their burger menu. Think a big stack of eggplant parmigiana on a house-made bun with vegan mozzarella and basil pesto.

The Filet-O-Fishless Burger @ Brewski
Brisbane City

American-inspired craft beer and burger bar Brewski has a half vegan/half omnivore menu which is epic to say the least. As you can tell from the picture below, they do several vegan burgers. Above all, diners love the Filet-O-Fishless burger with plant-based breaded fish, vegan tartar sauce and lettuce.

Potato Hash Cheesburger Sliders @ Fitz & Potts

Mini burgers are on offer at fully vegan bar Fitz & Potts. The super cute sliders feature a juice vegan beef patty, crisp potato hash, melty cheese, caramelized onion and black truffle Dijon mustard. Alternatively, Fitz & Potts are famous for their stuffed jaffles if you fancy giving those a go.

The Ribwich @ VeganBurgz
Fortitude Valley

Famous for their organic green matcha buns, a burger from VeganBurgz won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Their best seller is the ‘ribwich’, consisting of seitan ribs smothered in smokey BBQ sauce with house slaw and mayo. If you fancy something sweet, definitely try the apple pie spring rolls with vegan caramel and creamy coconut ice cream. If the name didn’t make it clear enough, VeganBurgz is 100% vegan.

The Phoenix Burger @ Netherworld
Fortitude Valley

I think Netherworld is possibly the coolest place ever. Firstly, the bar has over 40 old school arcade machines and excellent craft beer. Secondly, everything on the menu at their in-house Hellmouth Diner comes with vegan meat and cheese unless you swap it for animal products. I love the Phoenix Burger with southern fried vegan chicken, cheese, pickles, lettuce & chipotle mayo.

The Bourbon-Glazed Jackfruit Burger @ Dicki’s
New Farm

The bourbon glazed jackfruit burger with wombok slaw from Dicki’s is something special. Most importantly, it comes with shoestring fries and creamy aioli. Dicki’s is fully vegan too!

The Satay Burger @ Vege Rama
Brisbane City

Vegetarian restaurant Vege Rama does a couple of amazing vegan burgers. In particular, I love the satay burger with chick’n patty, satay peanut sauce, bean sprouts, sliced cabbage and slaw.

The Beyond Burger @ Grill’d
Multiple Locations

Australia-wide burger chain Grill’d has really welcomed vegan customers with so many great plant-based options. In my opinion, you have to get the Beyond Burger with vegan cheese, vegan mayo, mustard and garnish. The reviews of the Beyond patty speak for themselves and Grill’d cooks them perfectly. Double up if you dare!

The Kimchi Burger @ The Woods

This neighborhood bar does loads of vegan burgers for its plant-based regulars. Above all, diners go mad for the kimchi burger with vegan beef, cauliflower kimchi, cheese, aioli, pickles and Korean BBQ sauce.

The Vegan Cheeseburger @ Tippler’s Tap
South Bank & Fortitude Valley

Chicago-inspired beer and burger bar Tippler’s Tap has a cracking vegan menu to go with your ice cold IPA. Check out the vegan cheeseburger with beef patty, vegan cheddar, pickle, onion, ketchup & mustard.

The BBQ Jackfruit Burger @ Miss Demeanour
Brisbane City

Another Brisbane restaurant is getting on the jackfruit burger trend and we’re so here for it. Miss D’s consists of bbq pulled jackfruit, house made slaw and vegan pesto mayo on a toasted bun.

The Chicken & Cheese Burger @ Sol Bakery & Cafe
West End

Probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing burgers I’ve ever eaten was at Sol Café in West End. The chicken & cheese burger consists of vegan chicken patty, cheese, pickled red onion and a creamy burger sauce. It came on a bed of toasted seeds and the bun was soft, floury perfection.

The Vegan Cheeseburger @ The Burrow
West End

You’ll find this super chilled bar in an old queenslander in West End. They do great ‘beer food’ and loads of vegan options. I know, I’m recommending another vegan cheeseburger but you really can’t go wrong. This one comes on a seeded bun with vegan cheese & aioli, tomato relish, pickles and mustard.

The Mushroom & Brie Burger @ Greenhouse Canteen
South Brisbane

Wildly popular vegan restaurant Greenhouse Canteen does a really good mushroom cheeseburger. It consists of a tempura mushroom bun, lentil and tofu pattie, pickled onion, brie cheese, seeded mustard and crispy kale.

The Satay Tofu Burger @ Fundies Wholefood Cafe

Fundies is all about high quality real food. Their satay tofu burger comes with a marinated tofu patty and homemade satay sauce on a soft bun.

The New Age Cheeseburger @ Suburban
West End

The extensive vegan menu at Suburban is not to be missed and of course, it includes a cheeseburger. You’ll be served up a vegan beef patty covered in dairy-free mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, pickles and burger sauce. Most importantly, Suburban’s burger comes with waffle fries which is a huge yes from me.

The Chick’n Burger @ Whisky Business

Whisky Business is most famous for its doffles (doughnut waffles) but if you fancy a big burger instead they’ve got you covered. The vegan chicken burger comes with dairy-free cheese, avocado, lettuce and vegan mayo.

The Deep Fried Cauliflower Burger @ The Lucky Duck Cafe
Highgate Hill

I don’t know about you, but I bloody love deep fried cauliflower. Therefore, this burger from The Lucky Duck is right down my street. It comes on a toasted sesame bun with pickled onion, jalapeños, lettuce and American mustard.

The Herbivore @ Burger Urge
Multiple Locations

Whilst the name of this burger suggests it’s full of veggies, Burger Urge have actually made this one super meaty. It’s made up of a beef patty, covered with plant-based pulled beef and hickory BBQ sauce. Also, it includes cheese, aioli & pickles.

The Rebel Whopper @ Hungry Jacks
Brisbane City

Let’s be honest, Hungry Jacks isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you say vegan burger. However, last year Hungry Jacks introduced the brilliant Rebel Whopper to the menu which is absolutely delicious. Basically, it’s a vegan take on the classic hamburger and it fondly reminds me of all the dirty hangover burgers I ate at uni. *Make sure you ask for vegan mayo.

The Crispy Vegan Burger @ Gettaburger
South Brisbane and Underwood

This dish from Gettaburger manages to be healthy whilst also tasting delicious. It’s a crispy sunflower & flaxseed schnitzel with guacamole, lettuce, cheese and vegan mayo. Actually, I forgot to mention that there are sweet potato fries inside the burger… so maybe it’s not as healthy as I originally thought.

The Roast Veggie & Chickpea Burger @ Just Earth Café
West End

If mock meat isn’t your thing then this burger from Just Earth Café is for you. Picture roast veg and spiced chickpeas with avocado, caramelized onion, tomato and spinach.

I hope you’ve found your burger fix after reading this article, check out the Brisbane Vegan Breakfast Guide or the Brisbane Vegan Italian Guide for more epic vegan recommendations.