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The Best Street Food You NEED To Try in Sydney

The best Sydney street food:

Fancy doing a Sydney food tour instead? This epic foodie walking tour takes you to loads of hidden street food spots in Sydney with ample food to try. You’ll also learn about the history of Sydney’s food scene whilst you indulge in tasty street food snacks.

1. Laneway Dumplings & MoMo

The best street food in Sydney has got to be Laneway Dumplings & MoMo.

Found on the arty Temperance Lane, the relaxed laneway setting with fairy lights overhead is the perfect spot for some Asian street food.

The classic pork and chive dumplings are great, as are the chicken and cabbage ones.

The vegan dumplings are also delicious, whilst the chilli oil on the side adds a spicy kick to any dish.

The best time to visit Laneway Dumplings & MoMo is in the evening, when the vibe is buzzing and the drinks are cold.

2. Marrickville Pork Roll

Marrickville Pork Roll is pretty famous around here, known as the place to get the best bánh mì in Sydney.

The legendary hole-in-the-wall in Marrickville has queues out of the door every lunchtime, but the wait is so worth it (there are also stores in Darling Square and at Circular Quay).

The classic crackling pork roll is highly popular.

Expect a freshly baked french baguette lathered in pâté and stuffed with pork belly and crackling, crunchy salad, coriander, homemade crispy shallots, crushed peanuts and fresh chilli.

The marinated BBQ pork option is also delicious.

3. Mikki’s Paella

A large paella dish half full of seafood paella with a spatula resting on the pan and a sign saying 'Mikki's paella' in the background.
The best paella street food in Sydney via Mikki’s Paella

Miguel Narvaez arrived in Sydney from Valencia, Spain in 2019, determined to bring authentic Paella to Australia.

Today, Mikki’s Paella is the best place to get traditional Spanish paella in Sydney, made using the traditional Valencian recipe with seafood, chicken and chorizo.

You’ll find Mikki every Friday night at Chinatown Night Markets, every Saturday at Bondi Farmers Markets and every Sunday at Bondi Market.

4. Friggitoria

A tomato, chilli and king prawn spaghetti dish served in newspaper.
Italian street food in Sydney via Friggitoria

Friggitoria is an Italian street food spot in Kings Cross offering freshly made pasta and arancini to go.

Served in a cardboard box lined with newspaper, the authentic dishes are popular with both locals and tourists.

The prices at Friggitoria are low, yet the quality is brilliant… so order some pasta and enjoy your Italian street food in the Sydney sunshine.

If you’re extra hungry, the crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside arancini balls with various fillings are the ideal accompaniment to your pasta.

5. Show Nom

A cake covered in green custard in a cardboard takeaway box being held up in front of a neon sign saying 'show nom'.
Thai toast with pandan custard via _digestedfood on Instagram

Show Nom is a Thai street food vendor that specialises in sweet grilled toast with pandan custard.

This place is popular for late night dessert, but don’t let the crowds put you off, because the brioche-style toast with creamy green custard is absolutely delicious.

Those without a sweet tooth might prefer the spicy pork floss toasty, whilst the Thai iced coffees are a winner at any time of the day.

Want to try more Asian street food in Sydney? I can highly recommend the ‘Taste of Chinatown’ Sydney Food Tour, offering lots of Chinese, Thai, Malaysian and Korean street food as well as the fascinating history of immigration in Australia (it’s very reasonably priced too).

6. Mapo Gelato Bus

A hand holding up a two scoop cone of gelato in front of a yellow bus which has a neon yellow sign saying 'gelato'.
Traditional Italian gelato in Sydney via imzuzmi

Mapo does the best gelato in Sydney, and it’s all made with organic raw ingredients.

Made fresh daily in the traditional Italian way, you can choose from a variety of flavours like salted butter caramel, Peruvian chocolate or even gin and tonic!

You’ll have to do a bit of a scavenger hunt to track down the famous Mapo Bus.

Check out their Instagram stories for locations, which are either in the CBD (central business district) or around the eastern beaches (Bondi, Coogee etc).

Alternatively, you can go to Mapo’s permanent stores in Bondi Beach or Newtown.

7. Basta

A falafel flat bread with roasted aubergine, salad and herbs being topped with a white sauce from above.
Authentic falafel pittas via Basta

Basta is an authentic Middle-Eastern street food stall offering Falafel, Sabich and Mezze.

Colourful pittas, salad bowls and desserts offer perfectly balanced flavours from Lebanon & Turkey.

You’ll find Basta at Bondi Farmers Market every Saturday and Bondi Market every Sunday.

8. Lokma-nia

A person picking up a small round donut topped with nuts from a brown paper cone using a toothpick.
Crispy Turkish donuts via Lokma-nia

Lokma-nia offers a unique street food experience in Sydney.

Traditional Turkish lokma is on the menu here, which is a crispy donut topped with sweet flavours like pistachio, raspberry and coconut or tahini and nutella.

You’ll find Lokma-nia at The Rocks Market every Saturday and Sunday.

9. Iberico

A person adding Spanish ham to a piece of toasted bread, in a cardboard box, with two other cardboard boxes filled with toasted sandwiches in the foreground.
Spanish baguettes at Bondi Market via Iberico on Instagram

Iberico is an epic Spanish deli bar located at Bondi Markets.

They do brilliant Spanish bocadillos (melty stuffed sandwiches).

Fillings are typically Spanish and include manchego cheese, jamón serrano and ripe tomatoes.

You can also get traditional Spanish charcuterie boxes with meats, cheeses and olives.

Grab some delicious Spanish food and head towards the ocean for a perfect lunch at Bondi Markets.

10. Lox In A Box

An overhead shot of two boxes of bagels cut open and filled with salmon/ pastrami, with crinkle chips and pickles on the side.
Authentic bagels in Sydney via Lox In A Box

Lox In A Box is a popular hole-in-the-wall bagel shop with sites in Bondi, Coogee and Manly.

The owner makes bagels using their grandma’s recipe, using soft bagels, sustainable salmon (lox) and a good old schmear.

Lox isn’t the only thing on the menu, you can also order the iconic pastrami, pickles and swiss cheese bagel as well as vegan and veggie options.

You’ll also find latkes with apple sauce on the menu, along with sides of chutzpah.

Conveniently, all of the Lox In A Box locations are by the beach, so you can grab a bagel and have a delicious, cheap lunch with an ocean view.

11. Turkish Gozleme

A paper plate filled with stuffed turkish flat bread and lemon slices in front of a red market stall.
Freshly made Turkish Gozleme via Lollieats on Instagram

Turkish Gozleme does what it says on the tin.

Offering traditional stuffed Turkish turnovers cooked fresh and filled with cheese and spinach.

They also do vegan options.

You’ll find Turkish Gozleme at Bondi Markets every Sunday.

12. Broomfields Pies

An overhead shot of baked pies with poppy seeds on the top and filling seeping out of the hole.
Perfect aussie pies via Broomfields

Pies are iconically Australian, and you’ll find the best ones in Carriagework Farmers Market.

Broomfields Pies are handmade every day and filled with delicious fillings like Wagyu beef, cheese and onion or chicken and leek.

The golden flaky pastry has been baked to perfection, and perhaps like me, you’ll have eaten the whole thing before getting to the next stall in the market.

13. Condimental Toasties

A hand flipping open a grilled cheese toasty with stringy cheese stretching between the two slices.
Delicious toasties at Carriageworks via Condimental

Condimental Toasties are the perfect pick me up on a Saturday afternoon.

Filled with melty local cheese and homemade relishes/ sauces from the Condimental team, these may be the best toasties you’ve ever eaten.

Find them at Carriageworks Farmers Market every Saturday.

14. Bar Pho

An overhead shot of vietnamese broth filled with protein, noodles and vegetables with some chilli sauce and broth spoons on the side.
Vietnamese Pho at Bondi Farmers Market via Bar Pho on Instagram

Bar Pho is a Vietnamese street food spot serving up authentic Pho broth, as well as bánh mì and tasty rice paper rolls.

You’ll find them on Saturdays either at Bondi Farmers Market or Carriageworks Farmers Market.

They also have a permanent store in Bondi if you want to go for a sit down evening meal instead.

15. Berliner Donuts

A woman packing donuts at a donut stall in a city.
The best doughnuts in Sydney via Berliner Bakery

Berliner Donuts offers Sydney’s finest handmade doughnuts, oozing with classic raspberry jam, gooey nutella or weekly special fillings.

You’ll find Berliner at several street food markets around central Sydney, from Quay Quarter Lanes Market at Circular Quay to Kings Cross Organic Food Market and EQ Market (check socials for weekly spots).

16. Bird and Ewe

Two people holding paper trays of flatbreads topped with fillings such as sausage, egg and cheese or shredded mushrooms.
Stuffed breakfast flatbreads at Carriageworks via Bird and Ewe

Bird and Ewe is a brilliant flat bread food stall in Carriageworks Farmers Market.

Breakfast flatbreads include free range bacon/ snags with fried egg, parmesan and pesto or pulled mushrooms with salsa verde.

Lunch options include falafel, slow roasted aubergine or pulled pork.

I can’t explain how delicious these flatbreads are, but you’ll have to find them for yourself at the Carriageworks Farmers Market every Saturday.

17. G.Free Donuts

A hand holding tongues hovering over a green box of sugar dusted donuts.
Hot sugary donuts via G.Free Donuts

G.Free Donuts are the epic hot donuts on offer at Bondi Farmers Markets every Saturday and Bondi Markets every Sunday.

Fried fresh and dusted in sugar, the hot doughy goodness goes perfectly with your leisurely weekend coffee.

You can lather the hot donuts in G.Free’s special sauces, which include raspberry jam, salted caramel, custard and nutella.

The team at G.Free are a lot of fun, and pride themselves on the fact that their donuts are 100% calorie-free in the centre!

18. Pho Bay Noodle

A hand holding a paper bowl of vietnamese food with chicken, spring rolls and salad inside and chopsticks resting on the rim.
Authentic Vietnamese street food via Pho Bay Noodle

Pho Bay Noodle is an authentic Vietnamese street food stall, specialising in Pho.

Their renowned pho broth is cooked over many hours for maximum flavour.

Other dishes include tasty chicken noodle salads, rice paper rolls and crispy spring rolls.

You’ll find Pho Bay Noodle at Cambridge Markets on a Saturday, which is found just next to Sydney Cricket Ground.

19. Koshari Korner

A table with a colourful tablecloth filled with egyptian food like falafel, hummus, grilled aubergine and chickpea salad.
Vegan Egyptian Food via Koshari Korner

Koshari Korner is an Egyptian vegan street food vendor operating at Sydney Vegan Market and Sydney Vegan Nights Market.

Authentic dishes from Egypt include falafel, eggplant rolls, shakshouka and of course, koshari.

20. Natas & Co.

A hand holding a white paper box filled with four portuguese tarts, with a further tray of tarts in the background.
Authentic pastel de nata in Sydney via Natas & Co.

Natas & Co. serve authentic Portuguese custard tarts (pastel de nata) to Sydney Siders at various markets including The Rocks Market and Kings Cross Organic Food Market in Potts Point.

Flaky pastry, creamy custard with a hint of vanilla and a caramelised top, it’s the perfect weekend pick-me-up with a cup of coffee.

21. Fritter House

A hand holding a cardboard bowl filled with fritters, halloumi, mushroom, aubergine, tomato, labne and rocket.
Fritter House brunches via Bondi Farmers Market

Fritter House is a street food brunch spot specialising in homemade sweetcorn fritters.

The huge portions of delicious fritters are topped with breakfast items like poached egg, halloumi and mushrooms, before being topped with a tasty romesco sauce and dukkah.

You’ll find Fritter House on Saturdays at Bondi Farmers Market.

22. Southern Soul

A bamboo plate filled with mac and cheese.
Mac and cheese at Sydney Vegan Markets via Southern Soul Sydney

Southern Soul is a vegan street food truck offering the best mac and cheese.

Found at Sydney Vegan Markets, you won’t regret ordering a portion of cheesy starchy goodness along with some home made cornbread.

23. That Katsu Guy

A double pork katsu sandwich with katsu sauce dripping down the middle.
Japanese sandos via That Katsu Guy

Known as Sydney’s best Japanese comfort food, That Katsu Guy serves up amazing katsu sandos.

For the uninitiated, Katsu Sandos are essentially Japanese sandwiches made with fluffy white bread, panko crumbed chicken/ pork and homemade katsu sauce.

Other varieties have eggs and cheese deep fried in the breadcrumbs with the protein (which is a great breakfast choice!).

That Katsu Guy is probably going to be more popular with locals rather than tourists, as they don’t currently operate in Sydney city centre.

You’ll find the sandos at The Entertainment Quarter Market, Wentworth Point Market, Ryde Wharf Market and Peakhurst Market (check their socials for weekly locations).

24. Flave

A burger and some loaded fries in a cardboard box on some grass.
Flave Vegan Junk Food via Bondi Farmers Market

Flave is a vegan junk food stall found at Bondi Farmers Market every Saturday.

From realistic dirty burgers to cheesy loaded fries, both vegans and those who are vegan curious will love the filling dishes on offer.

25. Wholly Schnit

A person eating a huge breaded schnitzel which is covered in brown sauce and accompanied by fries.
Wholly Schnit Street Food in Sydney via Wholly Schnit

Wholly Schnit is a unique food truck van selling Schnitzel to go.

The whopping breaded chicken escalope is served on a bed of fries with gravy and cheese, or ‘parmy’ style with rich tomato sauce and melting cheese.

Their truck is usually found in Maroubra, and they have a permanent shop in Pagewood (check their Instagram for upcoming locations).

26. Oh My Gozleme

Two hands reaching into two white trays filled with turkish stuffed flat bread.
The best gozleme in Sydney via Oh My Gozleme

You need to check out Oh My Gozleme for the best Gözleme in Sydney.

A Gözleme is a savoury Turkish snack made with flatbread and stuffed with various delicious fillings.

Their food truck is located at 401 Princes Hwy, Rockdale, or you’ll find Oh My Gozleme at Ramsgate Food Market every Saturday.

I hope you enjoyed my guide to the best street food in Sydney. Don’t miss my guide to the best street food in Melbourne here!