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Bristol’s Absolute Best Cocktail Bars 2023

Bristol is one of the best cities in the UK with loads of cool things to do. The nightlife scene is next level so keep reading for the best cocktail bars in Bristol.

1. Hyde & Co
Bristol City Centre

The vibe: Bristol’s original prohibition bar and definitely one of the best cocktail bars in Bristol. Intimate, speakeasy vibes just by the Clifton Triangle.

Type of cocktails: Unique cocktails like the ‘Rite of Passage’ with whisky, green tea, yuzu and kombucha or the ‘Spellbound’ with gin, watermelon, lychee and hibiscus. They also do classic negronis and martinis.

Reservations required? Bookings are always recommended – book here.

2. Brozen Bar
Bristol Old City

The vibe: An innovative modern cocktail bar focusing on frozen cocktails and alcoholic ice cream, made in front of you with liquid nitrogen.

Type of cocktails: Many of the classics are given the ‘Brozen’ treatment, like negronis, margaritas and cosmos. The ‘Arctic Grasshopper’ is also amazing with frozen Cacao Blanc liqueur, mint liqueur and gelato (it’s like a mint choc chip but boozy!). They also do a really good mocktail with foraged blackberry and sage.

Reservations required? It’s always a good idea to book ahead for this highly rated Bristol cocktail bar – make a booking here.

3. The Library
Bristol Old City

The vibe: Another one of the best cocktail bars in Bristol. Press the buzzer on St Nicholas St and you’ll be let into a tiny library. After a moment or two, a bookcase begins to swing open, giving way to an opulent 1920s style cocktail bar.

Type of cocktails: Creative cocktails like the ‘Honeycomb Barrel’ with whisky, vermut, cream, honey and bitters or the ‘Hemingway Daiquiri’ with white rum, grapefruit and lime. They also do great espresso martinis.

Reservations required? Bookings are recommended – book here.

4. The Clockwork Rose
Bristol Old City

The vibe: Craft cocktails in a steampunk-themed bar with a buzzing atmosphere.

Type of cocktails: Interesting but delicious concoctions like the signature ‘Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster’ and teacup gin cocktails.

Reservations required? You can reserve a table at The Clockwork Rose here.

5. The Milk Thistle
Bristol Old City

The vibe: A popular bar set over four floors in the historic Quay Head House building, with a firm place in the Top 50 Cocktail Bars in the UK.

Type of cocktails: The regularly changing cocktail menu includes specials like the ‘Ripple Tipple’ with vodka, white chocolate, raspberry and vanilla or the ‘April in Bloom’ with gin, cherry blossom, vermouth and grapefruit.

Reservations required? Reservations are optional – you can book here.

6. Gin & Juice
Bristol City Centre

The vibe: A quirky bar on Bristol’s fashionable Park Street specialising in gin cocktails (don’t miss the spectacular ceiling).

Type of cocktails: Gin-based cocktails like the ‘Pink Ribbon’ with raspberry, pineapple juice, lime and mint or the ‘Toffee Apple Martini’ with caramel gin, apple liqueur, apple and grapefruit.

Reservations required? No.

7. Her Majesty’s Secret Service

The vibe: A cosy British-themed cocktail bar in the fashionable Clifton area.

Type of cocktails: Both creative cocktails and classics. Don’t miss the ‘Scout’s Honour’ with tequila, peach liqueur, marshmallow syrup and lime or the ‘Rhubarb Royale’ with vodka, rhubarb, lemon and champagne.

Reservations required? This is an intimate spot so reservations are definitely recommended at weekends – book here.

8. Loose Cannon

The vibe: A brand new stylish cocktail bar near the buzzing Harbourside area offering innovative, high quality cocktails.

Type of cocktails: Funky cocktails like the ‘Banana Flip Pancake’ with banana chips. They also do all of your favourite classic cocktails like Aperol Spritz and Old Fashioneds.

Reservations required? No, walk-ins are fine.

9. The Dirty Bird

The vibe: A late night cocktail lounge with neon decor and a buzzing atmosphere in Clifton Arcade.

Type of cocktails: Creative interpretations of classic cocktails like the ‘Cacao Colada’ with cacao infused Cacha├ža or the ‘Turbo Island Iced Tea’ with *lots of alcohol*, blackcurrant and ginger beer.

Reservations required? Yes (for tables of 3 people or more): book here. Walk-ins only for tables of 2.

Customers love ‘The Dirty Bird’ because of the cool neon sign. If you’re running a cocktail bar or planning to open a bar, a customized neon sign makes such a difference. Whether it’s placed above the bar or in the entrance way, your customized neon sign will attract customers who will take selfies next to the sign and tag you on social media. Custom bar neon signs also create a cool vibe and are especially popular amongst the younger crowd.

10. The Cock & Tail

The vibe: An eclectic cocktail bar with a cool atmosphere and DJs, described as ‘bringing Shoreditch to Bristol’.

Type of cocktails: Classic cocktails like Pornstar Martinis, Tom Collins, Whisky Sours etc (with a couple of mad specials thrown in).

Reservations required? Walk-ins only.

11. Crying Wolf
Redland/ Clifton

The vibe: An independent cocktail bar with low lighting and chilled music on the border of Clifton Village and Redland.

Type of cocktails: Unique creations like the ‘Clover Club’ with gin, vermouth, house-made raspberry syrup, lemon juice and egg white. Also, they do all the classics like the Manhattan finished with a Somerset cherry.

Reservations required? Reservations are optional – book here.

12. The Wellhead

The vibe: A small cocktail bar right on the river offering high-end drinks.

Type of cocktails: Inquisitive cocktails like the ‘Hazelnut Cracker’ with Frangelico liqueur, brown sugar, lime and aromatic bitters or the ‘Apple Blossom Martini’ with gin, elderflower liqueur, chardonnay, apple and cranberry foam.

Reservations required? No.

13. Blame Gloria
Bristol Old City

The vibe: A fun cocktail bar with good music, this is one of the best cocktail bars in Bristol for dancing!

Type of cocktails: Signatures like the ‘Gloria in Paris’, which is their take on a French Martini with pineapple juice and strawberry. The ‘First Class’ with coconut rum, aperol, almond syrup, citrus and spices is also great.

Reservations required? Reservations are recommended – book here.

14. Felson’s
Bristol Old City

The vibe: A pool hall and cocktail bar with good music and decent prices.

Type of cocktails: All the classics like mojitos, brambles and margaritas.

Reservations required? No.

I hope you enjoyed my guide to the Best Cocktail Bars in Bristol, don’t miss The Best Things to Do in Bristol 2023 here!